Pennine Golf Carts

We manufacture golf carts to aid mobility around the golf course. There are currently three models available.

They are the Pennine Driver and the Pennine Driver Plus. These golf buggies are both 3-wheelers.

The Pennine Driver Plus has all the features of the original Pennine Driver but has more powerful motors for ease of manoeuvrability around longer and steeper courses.

The Driver and Driver Plus are complemented by our 4 wheel golf cart, the Pennine Fore Mk III.


Driver & Driver Plus

Pennine Driver / Driver Plus, three-wheel golf carts / golf buggies

£1,794 & £2,100


Fore Mk III

Pennine Fore Mk III, four wheel golf carts / golf buggies


* Prices include vat and delivery in mainland Britain.


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