4 Wheel Single Seat Foldaway Golf Carts

We manufacture 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf carts. These fit into most estate car boots for easy transportation.

The Pennine Fore Mk III


4 Wheel Single Seat Foldaway Golf Carts: Pennine Fore Mk III, four wheel golf cart / golf buggy
Pennine Fore Mk III

Do you want a comfortable, stable ride around 18 holes? Then the Pennine Fore Mark III is the golf cart for you.  It’s a high-powered vehicle with 400 watt motors. It also has a high spec speed controller and gearbox.  It will fit into most estate car boots. Or if you prefer, you can buy a trailer to tow it along behind you.

This powerful golf cart will not damage the fairway. It easily navigates up and down steep hills. It has a forward and reverse gear. The Pennine Fore Mk III can therefore manoeuvre easily around even the trickiest parts of a golf course.

This is a robust, reliable golf cart that won’t let you down. It is fully manufactured at our factory here in Huddersfield. This means that any replacement parts can be supplied immediately from stock.  You can be quickly up and running on the golf course again without delay. Local dealers can help you with any trouble-shooting and fitting of parts if required.

Thew Pennine Fore Mk III comes with a bag stand, basket and battery charger as standard. It has sealed-gel batteries to prevent leakage (which are guaranteed on a proportional basis). It comes with a full 12 month warranty.


Features of our 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf carts

  • Fit into most estate car boots
  • Capable of a full 18 holes
  • Forward and reverse drive
  • Climb steep hills
  • Trouble-free sealed-gel batteries
  • Fully automatic charger
  • 12 month warranty
  • British built



Technical Specification

Fore III
Height 889mm (35")
Width  673mm (26½”)
Length (inc. rack) 1448mm (57”)
Turning Circle 4570mm (15')
Weight (exc. batteries) 56 kg
Battery Weight (pair) 45 kg
Battery Type 2 x 12v 80 amp/hr dryfit (24v system)
Maximum Speed  11.3 km/hr (7 mph) & reverse
Speed Controller Fully proportional solid state (high power version)
Motors 2 x 24v 400w (with higher spec gearbox)
Tyres  4 x pneumatic 330mm 5.00-4 4ply

For further details, please see the Pennine Fore manual.


Rechargeable Batteries Guarantee

When Pennine Radio Ltd supply rechargeable batteries they are normally covered by the battery manufacturer’s own guarantee.

When they are not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, Pennine Radio Ltd will guarantee the battery for a period of 12 months from the date of manufacture on a proportional basis.

The words ‘proportional basis’ mean that the price of replacement from Pennine Radio Ltd will be reduced in proportion to the remaining period of the guarantee after the battery ceased operating normally. The proportion will reduce to zero after 12 months.


Fore Trailer

4 Wheel Single Seat Foldaway Golf Carts: Fore Trailer - fully legal for road use.
Fore Trailer – fully legal for road use.

The Pennine Fore trailer is fully legal for road use. It comes complete with 50mm tow hitch, jockey wheel, trailer board with electrics and ratchet tie-down.


Technical Backup

Full technical and service backup is available for our 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf carts from your local distributor. Each distributor is fully factory-trained.

Identify your local agent here.

If additional help is required, please contact the Pennine Radio Ltd
technical department.


A World Record

Read about Mick Shopland who played his 1,000th course and drove his way into the Guinness Books of Records riding his trusty Pennine Fore.


Mick Shopland played 1,000 rounds on his Pennine Fore
Mick Shopland played 1,000 rounds on his Pennine Fore

Play ‘around’ with the Pennine Fore – at the forefront of 4 wheel single seat foldaway golf carts in Great Britain.



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