Fibre Optic
Lighting Systems

Pennine Radio Ltd has been designing, developing and manufacturing fibre optic lighting systems for many years now. There are a number of applications and benefits for fibre optic lighting.


Tungsten, Halogen (TH) & Metal Halide (HQI) Light Sources

 Decorative & Display Lighting

There are many wide varying needs of lighting across the entertainment industry.  Some examples might include elegant, subtle, unobtrusive or obvious ‘in your face’ lighting.

We can specify, design, build and install everything for you in fibre optic lighting systems. Just tell us what your requirements are.

We have a formidable reputation for getting the job done on-time, ‘in-spec’ and to budget.

We have installed fibre optic lighting across a number of facilities. These include multiplex cinemas, swimming pool areas, display cases, casinos, private houses and retail establishments.

We have even installed cornice lighting in the House of Lords.


Fibre Optic Lighting Systems - 50w tungsten halogen light source with fibres and lenses
50w tungsten halogen light source with fibres and lenses


Standard Lighting Components

We have a large range of standard lighting components. As we manufacture most of them, we are able to tailor or even re-design parts to suit your particular application.

Fibre optics have been used in the medical and telecommunication fields for some time. Due to the more recent advances in lamp technology, there is a greater use of fibre optics in exterior, display, decorative, industrial and underwater systems.

There are now virtually no limits to the practical uses of fibre optic lighting.

When you want to avoid heat, ultra violet emissions and electricity, we can provide you with fibre optic solutions. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities means we can deliver whatever you need.

We can develop a quality system capable of producing a light source which meets the exact requirements for the application that you want.


Fibre Optic Lighting Systems - Black box light source
Black box light source

Applications & Benefits of
Fibre Optic Lighting Systems

  • Exterior lighting – to create subtle effects in order to accentuate architectural features.
  • Display lighting – for shops, galleries, museum and refrigerated cabinets where heat and ultra violet sensitivity is to be avoided.
  • Floor, ceiling, step lighting – for auditoriums, cinemas and leisure areas.
  • Underwater lighting – for swimming pool edges and lanes, fountain sprays and underwater displays.
  • Sign and advertising lighting – either side or end-lit systems.
  • Hazardous area lighting – wherever protection from shock, fire or electrical interference is required.


We are skilled in building custom fibre optic lighting systems. We can also adapt any of your existing form of lighting.

Please contact us on 01484 538211 so that we can have a chat about what you are looking for. Alternatively, you can send us a message.