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Welcome. We are Pennine Radio Limited. We are a British manufacturing company who are now celebrating over 55 years at the cutting edge of technology. Read on to learn a little about Pennine Radio Ltd from our beginnings over 50 years ago.

We are based at Fitzwilliam Street in Huddersfield. Father and son, Ralph and Gerald Taylor bought the business in 1958. We have manufactured a wide variety of electrical and electronic products since then.


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Pennine Radio Ltd building 1960
About Pennine Radio Ltd - Pennine Radio vintage ad
Pennine Radio vintage ad

Our company was established in 1936 as Pennine Amplifiers. It was renamed Pennine Radio. This is when the Taylors acquired the business with the intention of manufacturing radios, car radios, record players and televisions.

Within 18 months, Ralph and Gerald recognised that competition from the Far East would hit their trade. They were specialists in electronic design and development, light assembly work and engineering, coil winding for transformers, sheet metal work and spray painting. They then switched their expertise to making electro-mechanical devices for the textile industry.

Our first products were weft-warp stop motions for textile looms. These were followed by many automatic and semi-automatic devices.


Specialising in manufacturing equipment

We began to specialise in making one-off machines to solve specific manufacturing problems. As production increased, we made more investment into equipment. This included computer-controlled winding machines, punching and bending machines, pipe bending equipment and a powder coating plant.

Some 24 years ago, we got the chance to quote for manufacturing 3 wheel single seat foldaway golf carts as a subcontractor. When the firm placing the contract collapsed four years later, we chose to improve the product and until recently, we manufactured and marketed it ourselves.

In addition, we manufacture and supply electronic circuits. We also wind transformers and provide sheet metal work and powder coating services to a wide variety of customers.

That’s a little about Pennine Radio Ltd and our background.


A personal welcome to
Pennine Radio Ltd.

I, James Taylor, now head up the company myself. I am Gerald’s son and Ralph’s grandson. We are still a family company with the intention of continuing to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. I will personally ensure that you get the quality product and service that you are looking for at the right price. Please do not hesitate to give me a call on 01484 538211.

Kind regards,

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James Taylor,
Managing Director