Electronic Printed Circuit Boards – PCB’s

Pennine Radio Ltd has many years of experience designing and building electronic printed circuit boards – PCB’s.

Electronic Printed Circuit Boards PCB's: Printed Circuit Board - PCB - with microprocessor
PCB with microprocessor

PCB’s were originally built using point-to-point wiring on tag boards. We now use CAD (computer-aided design) packages to create multi-layered circuit boards. Once designed, we populate and solder the circuit boards. We can design from the simplest to the most complex of circuits.

We employ specialist hand-soldering expertise, as and when required.

Many of our boards now have a programmed micro-controller at their centre. These programmes are written by our software engineers. We can make the most complex operations fit into the smallest of integrated circuits.

We are able to produce any volume of quantity. We can build you a one-off prototype or small batch quantities using hand-populated and soldered boards. Conversely, we can manufacture PCB’s of up to quantities of many hundreds.


Electronic Printed Circuit Boards PCB's: PCB – Printed Circuit Board
PCB – Printed Circuit Board


Electronic Printed Circuit Boards PCB's: Switching PCB
Switching PCB


Electronic Printed Circuit Boards – PCB’s. Made to your specification

Manufacturing electronic printed circuit boards PCB’s is another one of our specialist areas.

Please do get in contact to discuss your specific requirements with us. We will be delighted to come up with a competitively priced solution for you.