Voltage Transformers

We build a wide range of voltage transformers to meet all of your specific requirements. These range from control transformers to audio transformers as shown below.

Control Transformers

Control transformers are double-wound isolating transformers. These power control circuitry within electrical control panels. They are usually a combination of 240 or 415v input and 12, 24, or 110v output. However, we can wind any combination of voltages you require. We can also supply panel-mounted fuses incorporated onto the terminal top panel.


Voltage Transformers - Control transformers
Control transformers

Is your panel just too full to accommodate the transformer? No need to worry. We can supply it in an IP22 steel-vented wall or floor-mounting enclosure.

Your transformer may need to be situated in an area where water is present or hosing down is required. In this case, we can supply IP65 painted or stainless steel cases to prevent water ingress.

Three-Phase Transformers

We can manufacture three-phase isolating or auto-wound transformers to convert voltages. Your UK manufactured machine tool will then be able to work abroad in countries with different mains supplies. Likewise, you can import a machine tool from abroad.  Using one of our three-phase transformers, you will be able to use it in this country.


Voltage Transformers - Enclosed three-phase transformer
Enclosed three-phase transformer

Due to the size of the larger units these are usually supplied in enclosures. However, we can supply them as an open type if you have the room.


Voltage Transformers - Open three-phase transformer
Open three-phase transformer

Safety Isolating Transformers

These transformers are designed to operate 110v power tools within workshops, garages and colleges. The output is Centre Tap Earth. This protects the operator in case of a tool fault.

Safety isolating transformers can be supplied as a complete unit with an input thermal trip. They can also be supplied with 16A or 32A sockets or double pole MCB’s (miniature circuit breakers).


Voltage Transformers - Safety isolating transformer
Safety isolating transformer

The transformer can be fitted with terminals and MCB’s. For example, when the unit is needed to supply an 110v ring main. We can fit whatever you require.


DC Linear Power Supply Transformers

We can supply single-phase and three-phase transformers. These can be fitted with DC rectifiers and smoothing capacitors. Therefore, they will provide most DC voltages that are required. Again, these can be fitted with fuses, sockets, meters and cases as necessary.


Voltage Transformers: Three-phase linear power supply
Three-phase linear power supply


Voltage Transformers: Three-phase linear power supply - internal view
Three-phase linear power supply – internal view

Trailer Tail-Lift Supply Transformers

Pennine Radio has built many tail-lift supply transformers. These are used by a large number of distribution companies. These operate tail-lifts and double-decker trailer units when there is not a tractor unit present.


Voltage Transformers: Tail-lift transformer
Tail-lift transformer


Voltage Transformers: Tail-lift transformer - inner components
Tail-lift transformer – inner components

We can also manufacture power units to operate 12, 24, 36 or 48v DC lifts and hoists.


Rewind / Re-manufacture / Custom

We can repair or reverse engineer any coils and transformers that you already own. This will provide you with quick and cost effective solutions. This will therefore limit both your downtime and cost.


Voltage Transformers - Helmholtz Coil
Helmholtz coil

Audio Transformers

Pennine Radio has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing high quality mains and output audio transformers. Many of these are used as original or replacements in a lot of well-known valve amplifiers.

Are you designing a new range of valve amplifiers? Or maybe you are making a one-off amp at home? Whatever your requirement may be. We can manufacture any type of audio transformer to your specification.


Voltage Transformers - Audio Transformer
Audio transformer

Do you need a non-standard transformer? Are you not able to find an off-the-shelf product?

If you have any requirements for voltage transformers, contact Pennine Radio right away. We will engineer you a solution.